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Marketing Strategies for the FinTech Startup Webinar

Marketing Strategies for the FinTech Startup Webinar

According the Accenture’s 2015 FinTech Report, global investment in FinTech ventures tripled to $12.21 billion in 2014. The industry is filled with both huge wins and losses. The future of the FinTech start up is not only about developing a slick technology but managing the burn rate to become cash flow positive. Even with the best of intentions, a large number of FinTech companies fail for a variety of reasons.

  •  How can FinTech companies create greater visibility?
  • How can a marketing plan build awareness and generate potential leads?
  • What are the marketing traps to avoid?

Join a complimentary webinar, led by Wayne Brown, managing partner of The Walker Group, to learn how some FinTech companies used marketing as a foundation to their success.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 11:00 am PT, 1:00 pm CT or 2:00 pm ET

Register  by sending an email to Wayne Brown wbrown@walkergroupnyc.com

Wayne Brown is the managing partner of The Walker Group. He  works with FinTech start ups to help them gain visibility, increase sales, generate  revenue and deliver results. Through his FinTech practice, he built strong relationships for his clients with some of the largest global financial  organizations, including Bank of America, MoneyGram, Citigroup, MasterCard Worldwide, among a few. For more information check out waynebrown.nyc.