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''Wayne is a consummate professional who brings synergy to people, processes and financial solutions'' - Valerie Stribbling

Wayne Brown photoWayne Brown has over three decades of experience in the financial services and technology industries, starting as a senior auditor at Irving Bank (acquired by Bank of New York in 1988). Wayne also has a working proficiency in French.


With the rise of ecommerce, Wayne decided to gain an understanding of the impact of technology on financial services, and he began by leveraging his auditing skills and extending his network. From there, Wayne held various positions of increased responsibility at large technology companies and global top-tier banks. There he focused on improving financial and operational controls, by ensuring that department policies and procedures were enforced and that deviations were identified, documented and remediated.


As product manager at MasterCard International, Wayne’s role consisted of helping to build the MasterCard Remittance Presentment Payment Service (RPPS) network by working directly with new customers. RPPS® became the primary gateway for home banking transactions and at its peak, held 98% of the market.


Wayne’s leadership skills were instrumental at MasterCard where he forged and nurtured strong relationships with all of the major banks, One former colleague says that “Wayne was our trusted ‘Voice of the Customer’. I sought Wayne’s input and advice throughout the design phase of our new products and beyond to ensure customer needs were exceeded and that we maximized our competitive advantage. ‘”


Wayne Brown pursued similar opportunities and achieved great success at Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and ACI, where he held senior roles and helped to improve digital channels for the banks’ commercial customers.


For the last eight years, Wayne has focused his advisory practice on collaboration with banks and FinTech companies to identify opportunities for process improvements, the development of new products and/or the identification of new partners. Some of the key challenges banks face are post-acquisition or merger duplication of systems with resulting reconciliation issues. Another challenge is the existence of multiple silos within the banks that do not interact well with one another, further exacerbating the duplication of processes and expenses. Wayne responds to both of these challenges with strategies and solutions accompanied by processes to carry them out, monitor them, and adjust the outcomes.


Banks are also looking to identify the right technologies and fintech partners to take them into the future of banking. Wayne is constantly meeting with, vetting and then working with fintech CEOs, and he has a successful track record in introducing start-ups to key decision makers in the financial services community.


Banks are known for being complex institutions with complex politics and budgets. Employees are driven by their own personal agendas and are often adverse to risk. Wayne is able to go into even the most complicated of these environments and get a consensus, thereby enabling the parties to create real and lasting change.


Wayne is also a public speaker who continues to present on banking and FinTech topics to both bankers and technology professionals. This year he was a speaker at the Electronic Funds Transfer Association’s EPIC event in New York City on the topic of “Marketing Strategies for the FinTech Startup.” He also presented at NACHA’s Council for Electronic Presentment and Payments Committee on the topic of Emerging Alternative Financial Channels for Banks.


For the last fourteen years Wayne has been an active participant in NACHA’s Council Electronic Billing and Payments (CEBP) Council and was one of the authors of the Walk- In Payment Best Practices Guide published by NACHA and released in February 2007. This Guide spearheaded the launch of NACHA’s Walk In Payment Roundtable. In 2011 Wayne launched the Alternative Financial Services Council comprised of interested executives including bankers, payment processors and Walk In Service Providers. He is also a member of NYPAY and he also has a working proficiency in French.


Wayne is married and lives in Laurelton, New York with his wife. His hobbies include landscaping and preparing meals from different cultures based on his travels.


Worked with Wayne Brown at Citi


Wayne Brown is a man of great integrity and with a very strong work ethic. He has a gift in being able to communicate and relay his knowledge and experience to an audience of any level or background in a way in which they understand.


Senior leaders in the upper management of banks are concerned about how to navigate the conversation between employees, middle management and the C-Suite. Middle management typically gets caught in between employees’ concerns and the objectives of CXO’s. Wayne is able to allay those concerns and help all parties inside a bank, speak and listen to one another. The result is a successful impact on all lines of business.


Wayne has worked in a variety of sectors, and his peers say that they all share the same concerns: how to help them cope with change effectively, and how to predict and ameliorate the inevitable negative outcomes that will also happen. Wayne addresses these concerns in a way that creates a level of calm and reassurance for people at all levels of the organization.


Wayne has a vast network of contacts and he is very low-key. Many current and former colleagues consider him to be a dear trusted friend as well. People that have known Wayne for years have a high degree of respect for him. In addition to being amicable and likeable, Wayne is committed to doing an excellent job. He wants to be engaged and what that means to an organization is that Wayne is not going to be a ‘contract employee’. He takes ownership and takes on the persona of the company, much like an employee would, because he wants to be part of the team and add intrinsic value as a member of that team.


To give a specific example of one of the many projects on which Wayne and I I worked together, I was his peer on a customized receivables product at Citi. Wayne is detail-oriented and provided much needed structure and management to this product. He regained control of the P/L, effectively managing timely product revenue realization. Additionally, he constructed contracts and documentation to significantly improve vendor and client management. Wayne is a consummate professional who brings synergy to people, processes and financial solutions.


– Valerie Stribbling

  • I had the pleasure of working with Wayne at Deutsche Bank & Citi. Wayne possesses a strong knowledge base in Cash Management, but also has the interpersonal characteristics necessary for success. Specifically, Wayne maintains a perpetually positive "can do" attitude (even in the midst of a high stress situation), is always willing to support his colleagues, & maintains the highest level of ethics/morals in all his actions.
    Lance T. Kawaguchi
  • Wayne is one of the leaders in the Payment space. He provides experience and perspective in the emerging real time and commercial and digital payment space.
    Peter Gordon
  • I worked with Wayne on major product development initiatives and found him to be a true professional. Today I find Wayne connected and well networked. As a consultant, I consider Wayne as one of the 'movers and shakers' in the payments industry.
    Bruce Hollmuller
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Wayne as a colleague and peer over the past 15 years. He is the consummate professional, leader, product expert and industry insider across multiple payment channels, eBill, treasury services and cash banking solutions. He has had tremendous impact with his clients’ leadership helping to drive sales growth, product strategy, project deployments, build and strengthen customer relations and contribute to their overall vision. For any organization that is looking to partner with a senior business leader that can help them grow across the banking/biller technology arena, Wayne is second to none.
    Michael Kaufman
  • I had the pleasure of working with Wayne during our time together at Princeton eCom. Wayne's extensive Bill Payment industry experience, attention to detail and dedication were invaluable to the organization and the Product Management team.
    Jeremy Waxman
  • Wayne's leadership skills were instrumental as we successfully rolled out enhanced transactional capabilities to penetrate a new market via a new sales channel.
    Jeff Blumenfeld
  • Wayne is a highly focused individual with a keen eye for new opportunities and "ahead of the curve" trends in the payments industry. Wayne brings a wealth of knowledge to every project in which he is engaged based on his variety of experiences and successes.
    Tom Carey

Projects & Successes

MasterCard Logo

MasterCard Remittance Presentment and Payment Services

  • Led the increase of new business clients by identifying and implementing the business development function. The new role contributed to the expansion of Mastercard RPPS with the participation of new banks and third party service providers; the outcome was double-digit growth Year over Year.
    • Spearheaded the business case for the new resource justification
    • Created the forecast revenue and expense model for new roles
    • Exceeded revenue forecast projections
  • Developed a new product to convert new digital remittance channels. Prior to this new product, bank customers submitted check remittances, contributing to posting delays.
    • This new product contributed to a 10% increase or 2 million new transactions the first year of roll out.
    • This Consumer Credit Counseling Digital Payment Product became an RPPS value-add network differentiator as it was the only means for accepting and distributing digital payments from both merchants and the banks
    • Served as the MasterCard RPPS advocate to all members by delivering marketing materials, business case analysis and industry data to assist the members to build their internal business cases to support the enhancements for growth.

ecom_logoPrinceton eCom (ACI)

  • Led the initiative to increase digital banking electronic to paper remittance ratio from 28% to 55% which resulted in savings of over $ 3 million the first year.
    • Developed the strategy to increase the electronic to paper remittance ratio by identifying new outside partners, process improvements and product enhancements
    • Managed a cross organizational team consisting of resources from product, operations and sales to provide a structure to add the digital conversion initiative to job requirements
  • Launched several innovative product enhancements to reduce exception items processing for the Princeton eCom’s bank clients.
    • The “Real Time Digital Scanline” product streamlined exception management and used technology to reduce the capture of bad data;

2000px-Deutsche_Bank_logo.svgDeutsche Bank

  • Responsible for the EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment) business unit for the America’s.
    • Identified market opportunities and product requirements based on industry feedback and industry trends
    • Built the product requirements to launch an EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment ) product for the bank’s large Corporate customers
  • Created a new product category for the bank Treasury department to generate revenue and created a competitive edge for Deutsche Bank, as one of the only banks that built an EIPP solution in-house rather than partnering with a vendor
  • Participated in the development of several new EIPP enhancements tied to supplier financing in order to fill a gap in the industry which resulted in new customer acceptance and provided a strong differentiator for the Deutsche Bank product

walkerThe Walker Group

  • Assisted WIPRO Ltd, working with a large global bank to evaluate opportunities to save millions of dollars by shifting their technology from in-house to outsourcing it.
    • The evaluation process consisted of both the identification and documentation of the existing consumer bank payment processes to identify areas of redundancies for reduction
  • Successfully provided CEOs with Advisory Services consisting of Strategic Planning and Process Improvements resulting in the establishment of new products and services.
  • Collaborated with a large healthcare software company to advise on both product features and capabilities, as well as with identifying potential markets. The team delivered the project specifications based on the requirements identified, resulting in new customers for the initial product launch
  • Advised Visa USA on new products targeting the middle-market customer base. These products focused on non-interchange products for healthcare and small businesses.
  • Collaborated with Bank of America and a FinTech company on the vendor process for a healthcare patient payment solution. This resulted in delivering a new product to meet the growing customer requirements resulting in both new functionality and acceptance
  • Identified as a real time payments subject matter expert for Fidelity Information Services (FIS) to deliver a new commercial product for the real time money movement product, PayNet. In addition, identified new opportunities for PayNet at some of the large commercial banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, TD Bank etc.
  • Provided both business development and strategic advisory expertise for Alacriti. As a result new opportunities were identified resulting in new sales and partnerships across multiple verticals.
  • Continue to consult with FinTech companies and identify opportunities for bank partnership, the expansion of capital and marketing consulting
  • Consult with HSBC and a FinTech vendor for the roll out of an EBPP solution to enhance the digital framework of the bank.
  • Public Speaker and Presenter at Banker’s Industry Conferences




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