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The Walker Group Partners with a FinTech Lab to Bring Innovative Solutions to Banks

Laurelton, New York, October 21, 2016: The Walker Group, a boutique management consulting company, has launched a partnership with a FinTech Lab startup to help their clients benefit from a team of highly trained IT professionals. The FinTech Lab focuses across multiple areas including Bitcoin, IoT, chatbot applications, data security and big data. Furthermore they are equipped to take the client’s requirement from the initial concept to the product launch.  The Lab team is comprised of several data scientists with a strong background in delivering innovative technology based solutions. Their customer centric strategy delivers results exceeding client expectations.

According to Wayne Brown, Managing Partner of The Walker Group, “we’ve had several discussions with banks around exploring new products from blockchain to big data. These discussions reveal banks are continuing to explore partnerships that will drive new products and services to market in an agile environment.”  Over the next few months The Walker Group will connect the FinTech Lab to their growing list of banks and technology partners.

The Walker Group provides business development and advisory services to FinTech companies. Our varied market segments enables us to identify synergies and opportunities to stimulate growth as they partner with clients to build their business. This year The Walker Group launched MaaS (Marketing as a Service). This turn-key system provides FinTech companies with customized tools to launch their own marketing campaign. More information go to