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The Walker Group partners with DemTech to Identify New Market Opportunities for Their Clients

Laurelton, New York, May 22, 2017: The Walker Group, a boutique management consulting company, announced today their partnership with DemTech International, a global business development organization headquartered in Madrid, Spain. DemTech, focuses on business development and sales initiatives for FinTech companies seeking to acquire customers and partners in Europe and the Middle East. The cost of entry for an organization to expand to global markets is an expensive proposition. Through this collaboration, the clients of The Walker Group seeking to expand business outside the U.S. can expand their business at a lower cost by leveraging DemTech’s experience, infrastructure and connections.

According to Wayne Brown, Managing Partner of The Walker Group, “the framework is firmly in place. Through this partnership we have encouraged our clients to explore new opportunities in markets where they previously had no business connections. Building a strong pipeline contributes to an enhanced and more sophisticated value proposition for our clients”. In this global economy, companies face challenges to grow and maintain their business. Both of these options require capital and resources. Adapting a strategy to grow a business at a lower cost for expansion impacts their bottom line and can be the difference to profitability or failure. Mario Cohen, DemTech’s CEO states “the global business ecosystem is just getting more global. Successful start ups are willing more than ever to explore outbound markets. Therefore, I believe this partnership will better serve the goals of these growing companies, combining both parties’ expertise cumulated in the field for years”.

The Walker Group continues to expand their FinTech consulting services in other key global markets including Asia and Latin America through successful partnerships. For example, last year The Walker Group partnered with Nobiltec, from Brazil, to identify opportunities in Latin America. Nimbleness contributes to growth and allows decisions to be made in a timely manner.

About The Walker Group: The Walker Group provides business development and advisory services to FinTech companies. Our varied market segments enables us to identify synergies and opportunities to stimulate growth as we partner with clients to build their business. This year, The Walker Group launched MaaS (Marketing as a Service). This turn-key program provides FinTech companies with customized tools to launch their own marketing campaign. For more information:

About DemTech: DemTech is a Business Development, Marketing and Sales Company specialized in assisting high-tech companies to expand their operations to European and South American markets. Since 2000, DemTech International has acted as an open innovation partner for companies, enterprises and venture capitalists, turning our clients’ expansion plans into a reality. DemTech’s aim is to create an immediate and effective presence in multiple geographic regions for our clients, through the provision of the right strategy, the relevant channels and a local sales force acting on your behalf in the field, profitably and proactively. For more information: