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The Walker Group is a Mentor with New Entrepreneurs at Medgar Evers College

Laurelton, New York June 17, 2016, Managing Partner, Wayne Brown, from The Walker Group was a panelist at the Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility Conference sponsored Dr. Jo-ann Rolle, Dean of Business, at Medgar Evers College, of the City University of New York. The conference provided an overview of how entrepreneurs and companies are having a share in developing and executing strategies around corporate social responsibility. Although many corporations include social responsibility as part of their strategy, solo entrepreneurs are not exempt from helping people grow and develop, the conference emphasized.

Wayne Brown of The Walker Group, participated on the panel Corporate Social Responsibility with the Global Community: Models for New Entrepreneurs along with Professor Bernardo Javalquinto of ENS Global and Michael Short. The theme focused on how entrepreneurs in both word and deed demonstrate the importance of social responsibility.  Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to provide mentorship to those starting out in the industry. According to Wayne Brown, “entrepreneurs face real challenges from developing new products, maintaining cash flow, building a pipeline and obtaining new customers to keep their heads “above water”. However, in view of all this, mentorship is still important to help those who are entering the entrepreneur market for the first time.” Getting support is crucial and some entrepreneurs struggle to identify a strong model or flounder because of not having any direction.

For example, Wayne Brown further added, “I reflect on the challenges I faced early in my career. For example, starting my first job on Wall Street as an auditor for a large global bank was an overwhelming experience. I did not have a network of colleagues to prepare me for the banking industry. I made mistakes due to lack of experience and changed jobs frequently”. In order to provide support and guidance to new entrepreneurs, The Walker Group has aligned with Ms. Jo-ann Rolle, Dean of Business, at Medgar Evers College. He is collaborating with other FinTech entrepreneurs to participate as a mentor with other students from the college.

In my several decades of working in corporate America, I’ve mentored scores of people from helping them navigate through corporate life, preparing for their next career change or how to deal with the challenges within their current job.  I am very pleased to help others learn from my mistakes, benefit from my strategies and make a difference in their respective careers. Some of the people I have mentored have landed senior positions in banking and financial services and I am proud to have made a difference in their lives. When they ask what they can do for me in return, my response is “help someone else who comes to you for help”.  The life of an entrepreneur is busy, and without a solid role model, much energy is wasted. A mentor helps create focus and direction. The Walker Group is proud of their alignment with Medgar Evers School of Business.

The Walker Group provides business development and advisory services to FinTech companies. Our varied market segments enables us to identify synergies and opportunities to stimulate growth as they partner with clients to build their business. They continue to help FinTech companies navigate through business challenges, increase sales, build new revenue streams and acquire new customers. This year The Walker Group launched MaaS (Marketing as a Service). This turn-key system provides FinTech companies with customized tools to launch their own marketing strategy. For more information about The Walker Group go to