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The Walker Group to Launch New Webinar Series Targeting FinTech Startups

Laurelton, New York, August 28, 2016: The Walker Group, a boutique management consulting company, empowers FinTech companies to partner with banks and financial service organizations. The list of customer services includes adding new clients, improving their marketing strategy and increasing sales and revenue. FinTech startups are agile and nimble, but marketing is usually an after-thought. In many cases it is not a priority. Brand building takes time, however most FinTech Startups measure success in intervals in weeks or months rather than years. This means, a FinTech Marketing Strategy must deliver measurable success in a relatively short period of time.

Earlier this year, The Walker Group, conducted a marketing workshop for the ten finalist of #Startupbootcamp FinTech NYC.  This FinTech Accelerator provides bank sponsors the opportunity to work directly with startups.  The recent cohort represented six countries where over a dozen Fast Tracks were held. A total of 125 teams were personally met and in March 2016 over 420 applications from over 40 countries were received, reviewed and analyzed by the Startupbootcamp team. The sponsors consisted of Santander, Deutsche Bank, RoboBank and MasterCard Worldwide. The workshop provided the co-founders a grassroots marketing strategy to help them identify and implement a marketing strategy for their specific business

According to Wayne Brown, Managing Partner of The Walker Group, a key obstacle why FinTech companies are hesitant to develop a marketing strategy is that “in most cases, the expense involved can be used in other ways such as product development. A long range marketing strategy, for most FinTech startups, is not viable”. However, many companies will fail, because their brand is unknown. Marketing is more than just building a website, but helps companies develop new ways to engage with prospects to build awareness.

The Walker Group provides business development and advisory services to FinTech companies. Our varied market segments enables us to identify synergies and opportunities to stimulate growth as they partner with clients to build their business. They continue to help FinTech companies navigate through business challenges, increase sales, build new revenue streams and acquire new customers. This year The Walker Group launched MaaS (Marketing as a Service). This turn-key system provides FinTech companies with customized tools to launch their own marketing strategy. For more information about The Walker Group go to